Before you go in to air duct cleaning, it will be of value to understand the processes involved and how deep it will eat into your pockets. As a matter of fact, cost is one of the several important factors to consider when selecting an air duct cleaning service. The main purpose of cleaning your ducts, however, is the need to keep the indoor air circulation clean and safe for everyone, along with other benefits such s enhancing the energy efficiency of your HVAC equipment, lengthening its lifetime, and improving its performance. Ductwork cleaning also reduces the need for regular repairs and servicing, thereby significantly reducing the costs involved. Air duct cleaning services are not all the same in terms of costs. To get you informed on matters spending, below, are pointers on some factors that affect air duct cleaning costs, which you may want to have a look at.

Size of Air Duct System

Size is one of the most common factors that affect how much it will cost to clean your home’s air ducts. In essence, a bigger home or building will mean longer air ducts, even though not always the case. In most cases, a 1500 sq ft room or building that uses a single vent will have low charges in air duct cleaning as compared to a 4500 sq ft home.

Degree of Contamination and Infestation

When Pollen, dust particles, and other types of debris end up in the air duct, they come into contact with moisture formed in the ducts due to variations in humidity. When all these are combined, mold and spores are bound to grow and spread rapidly. Whether or not you have visual evidence, mold could still be present in your ductwork according to Angie Hicks. In some cases, there arises the need to use some chemical biocides to get rid of these microbial contaminants in your vents. The use of these chemicals will affect the costing of air duct cleaning. There are in some instances, if not many, where ductwork is found to be rodent-infested. All these factors can increase the air duct cleaning costs.

Type of Ductwork

Some HVAC units have single ducts, whereas other types are multi-ducted. The distribution of air throughout your house is facilitated by these ducts. Depending on the duct cleaning contractor you hire, the overall cost may be affected by the number of duct channels supplying your home with cool or heated air. This is primarily because multi-ducts would require more time, effort, and materials to clean.

Time Spent Cleaning

The amount of time the HVAC contractor stays on site can sometimes mean higher duct cleaning costs for you. However, the total amount of time spend at your home would depend on factors such as the type of home you have, accessibility of the air ducts, and altogether, the amount of ductwork circulating your entire home.

The Air Duct Cleaning Contractor

Last but not least, different air duct cleaning contractors will charge different prices for the service. Costs may depend on the number of technicians employed on site, the amount of work involved, and the integrity of the company. However, don’t fall victim of duct cleaning scams from shoddy companies that give you an amazingly cheap offer, only to find yourself paying more that you had anticipated once they set foot on your premises and start the job.

Some Factors That Affect Air Duct Cleaning Costs